Why Us?

Why UsBetter not bigger

Senior, experienced, patent attorneys do your work.  We find no substitute for deep understanding, high creativity, broad perspective, profound wisdom, and informed strategy.  They are only available from years of education, experience, training, and thought.  No pyramid of layered incompetence and miscommunication has a place here.


Exceptional quality

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but a client remarked that an entire worldwide industry spent half a billion dollars trying (unsuccessfully) for a decade to destroy his patent portfolio we created.  When he successfully sued, infringers could not invalidate a single claim of a single patent. 

A senior patent attorney in the western states called us the best he had ever seen, including the top partners he had known in the largest firms in this multistate region.  This is big praise for a firm that intentionally stays small.


Industry and Legal Experience

Navigating technology, business, and law, we capture ideas, creativity, and good will, creating from them an intellectual property portfolio that can be owned, bought, sold, rented, licensed, and otherwise put to work for your benefit.  Pate Baird understands business and industry from long experience, so you can have confidence that we understand your interests and can advance them.  Start-ups, growing ventures, and industry veterans engage us to create, maintain, and expand market presence through intellectual property ownership.


Registered Patent Attorneys

Law has only two specializations: 1) Patent law and 2) Maritime law (law of the high seas).  Any other claim of "specializing" is improper and unethical.  Everyone else is just an attorney.

Only 1 % of all attorneys qualify as patent attorneys.  To qualify as a registered patent attorney requires a federal test and registration in patent law as well as the regular state bar examination and admission.  To take the exam requires the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in one of the accepted engineering or science disciplines.

Our attorneys have all of that, plus advanced engineering degrees and industry experience as an engineer, scientist, programmer, or manufacturer.  We have extensive background in marketing, manufacturing, business, and law.  We know we exist to get you into business and keep you in business, not just do legal work.  As intellectual property (IP) attorneys, we are uniquely qualified to help you.